Patient Notice

This Practice no longer routinely prescribes medicines which are freely available over the counter in pharmacies, supermarkets and other shop.

NHS Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group is responsible for planning and buying your local health services and this includes paying for medication patients get on prescription. Costs of services are increasing and the CCG need to ensure the money they spend is the most effective. In a recent consultation regarding over the counter medicines 63 % of patients agreed with the CCG’s decision to ask people to buy their own items when available at a lower cost at pharmacies and supermarkets. Where clinically appropriate your doctor will now encourage you to purchase certain items yourself.

Repeat Prescriptions

To request a repeat prescription you can either:

Please allow two full working days.  We do not take requests over the telephone.

Dispensing patients can collect their medication directly from the dispensary on the first floor.  For non-dispensing patients, prescriptions can be collected from the main reception desk.  If you would like your prescription sent to you by post, please enclose a SAE with your request.

If you are on long term medication, this will need to be reviewed periodically by your doctor and you will be asked to make an appointment for this at the appropriate time.