Now Order Your Repeat Prescriptions From Your GP

What are repeat prescriptions?

Many Bedfordshire residents have a ‘repeat prescription’, meaning that they can order certain medication at regular intervals without having to see their doctor every time. Some people order their repeat prescriptions themselves and others choose to use a pharmacy or dispensing company to order on their behalf.

What is changing?

The way to order repeat prescriptions is changing. You will need to order your repeat prescription from your GP yourself. This will only affect you if your medicines are ordered on your behalf by a pharmacy or pharmacy company. There are several different ways to order your repeat prescription.

What do I need to do?

You can order your repeat prescription from your GP practice in any of the following ways:

Order online via SystmOne or

  • SystmOne App
  • Via letter
  • Via Fax
  • Using the prescription box at the surgery

What is not changing?

If you already order repeat prescriptions from your GP surgery yourself, you will not be affected and do not need to take any action. Pharmacies that collect prescriptions from GP surgeries will still do so. Pharmacies that deliver medications and other items to your door will continue to do so.

How much time do I need to order my medication?

We ask you to only order medicine when needed. Please check how many days’medicine you have before ordering a new prescription. Please do not order until you have 7 to 10 days of medicines left. It takes the surgery 2–3 working days to issue a prescription and an additional 2-3 days for the pharmacy to fulfil the prescription ready for collection.

Why is this happening?

This is safer and more efficient. This change will mean that your GP has a better ability to monitor and control what medicines you do and do not use. This will help your discussions about choosing the right medication. The change will also help address a serious safety concern. Under the old system, some patients found that they began to build up a stock of unused medicine, which had to be stored safely and used within date. The new system will give you more control. Finally, it is important that NHS money is used as efficiently as possible. Ordering online is a paperless process which is less time consuming,resulting in practice staff and pharmacists having more time to give you better patient care. We also anticipate that there will be less medicines waste as you will be in control of ordering only those items that you need.

How do I get more help understanding this change?

If you feel you might need support ordering your repeat prescription or you know someone who might need help, please speak to your surgery.

How do I register for online services at my surgery?

Your surgery can register you for online services at any time. This will allow you to book appointments, order repeat prescriptions and access your records. You may be asked to complete an application form for online services. Many surgeries will request that you provide up to two forms of picture identification such as a passport, driving license or bus pass. They may also ask for evidence of you address e.g. utility bill, Council Tax Bill etc. They will then provide you with a user name and password. If you require additional information about how to access your records, please ask the receptionist.